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Contract Manager (M/F)

Company : TechnipFMC

Postée le 2022/12/01
Réf.: ep_TechnipFMC_65206
Area : Energy production
Function : Other
Speciality : Procurement
Level of education : 4 year degree
Experience : 4 - 6 years
Type of contract : Permanent employment contract
Salary : To negociate
Geographical area : Courbevoie
Geographical location : France

Link : Click here
Job's description
TechnipFMC is a global in the energy industry, specialized in subsea and surface technologies. Our mission: to enhance the performance of world's energy industry. How we do it: by constantly challenging conventions and investing in our 23 000+ employees, across 48 countries. At TechnipFMC, we aim to offer an inspiring working experience: tackling some of the most complex technical and engineering challenges in the world in collaboration with a truly global team.

Introduction to the Job

At TechnipFMC, we deliver critical projects of a scale, scope and difficulty that you simply won't find anywhere else. We are looking for a Contract Manager (M/F) who can join our multicultural team in Paris.

The Contract manager is part of the project management team, on dedicated projects to support and follow up through the project(s) lifespan. The contract manager works in close cooperation with all other project functions and with the legal counsel responsible for the specific project/customer/business area. Tasks may vary depending on the scope and complexity of each project.

Job description

* Being overall responsible for day to day contract management and all contractual and commercial matters related to the contract with the customer.

* The contracts resource shall act as an advisor to all members of the project team on commercial and contractual issues.

* Ensure that proper contract compliance and contract administration is maintained in the project.

* Ensure that contracts and commercial risks are identified, properly evaluated and mitigated.

* Drive the identification of variation orders to ensure TechnipFMC gets the commercial benefit of all opportunities/entitlements under the contract. Overall responsible for all contractual and commercial issues related to management of variation orders, including preparation and calculation as well as management of variation order logs and systems.

* Assist in preparation of project reports.

* Preparation of contractual/commercial input for internal and external reporting, including audits as required.

* Preparation, issuance and follow-up of inter-company orders

* Preparation, issuance and follow-up of contractual letters and notifications to Client

* Tight cooperation with Project manager, engineering manager/lead, cost controller, planner and purchaser.
Profile wanted
You are meant for this job if

* Masters preferred, or bachelor economics, contracts, legal, technical or commercial
* Fluent verbal and written English
* Understanding inter-disciplinary relations and requirements
* You have at least 5 years experience in a similar position
* Good communication and presentation skills
* Negotiations skills and experience
* High level of integrity and ethics
* Good collaboration skills and an ability to work independently and systematically
* Advanced problem solving skills related to functional area, understanding business impact on overall business
* Familiar with NTK / NCS contracting standards
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2022/11/03 - Installation Analysis Senior Engineer (H/F) (France)
2022/11/03 - Coordinateur Assistances LOF / Intégrité (H/F) (France)
2022/11/02 - Chef de Projet Fabrication (H/F) (France)

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