Help to create an account and to order a service.

To order a service on EmploiPetrole, go to the page "Order a service".

Select on this page the desired service. If you are not already connected (identified), you can:

- log in (provided you already have a login (your e-mail address) and a password)
- create an account if you do not already have one

In the second case, click on "create an account" and follow the steps of registration. Once the form filled in and validated, your account on EmploiPetrole is created and ready to use.
You will then access your order's summary. Click on "validate" to finalize it. As soon as your order is validated by our customer service, you 'll be able to manage your services through your member space *.

* To log into your member space, use the following information:
- login: your e-mail address (the one you filled in when registering)
- password: the password you've chosen when registering

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